YOU ARE THE CRAB. (You might have to pan around a bit to find it.)
Play by clicking! Click on adjacent grid spaces to move there. Click on adjacent items and creatures and buttons representing actions you take will come up. (Sometimes, if the creatures are taking their actions, it doesn't respond to your clicks. Will be fixed later.)

You can zoom out and in by using the mouse wheel, and by pinching on a mobile device. You can drag the page to pan around.

Warning: Sometimes the level is generated such that rocks block your way to the Grail. Just hit New Game and reload the browser.

You can also play it here! (This version will have updates, whereas the version here on will stay as it was when it was submitted to 7DRL.)

Good luck! Get tons of stuff!

This is our 7DRL entry. Katt did the art, Jim wrote the code. While we weren't able to get to building the novel gameplay (sleeping mechanic) I wanted to try out, this is at least a playable game you can (sometimes) win. I'm encouraged enough to keep going on it, so let me know ( if you me to let you know when there's a new version to play!

Source code:

Tags2D, crab, Funny, Hand-drawn

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